The canyons and canyoning in the Sierra de Guara Spain are a marvel of nature.

They are famous for the warm waters and turquoise color.


In the Sierra de Guara, everyone can enjoy canyoning. There are more than 100 descents of different ravines in which to travel, we will slide, slide in bowls of crystalline waters dug by the passage of the years, we will pass between a huge chaos of gigantic rocks as if it were of a labyrinth and we will enjoy the flora, fauna and the most overwhelming nature of this part of the Spanish pre-Pyrenees.

Many people come to the Sierra de Guara every year to go canyoning during their holidays.
This is an excellent activity for both adventurers and families with children because they are the ones who will enjoy this activity and the water the most.
All our activities are guided by professional guides of the state Titled in accordance with Spanish regulations.

Visiting the Guara canyons with Rumbo Aventura will be a unique experience full of humor, adventure and good feelings for all participants.

Canyon la Peonera

Canyon la Peonera

Canyon Gorgonchón

Canyon Formiga

Canyon Formiga

Canyon Petit Mascún

Découvrez les Canyons de la Sierra de Guara avec Rumbo Aventura

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