The Sierra de Guara (Spain) is located in the province of Huesca and is part of the community of Aragon.


The Sierra de Guara is a natural park characterized by a network of ravines and canyons unique in Europe and one of the most representative in the world. We are talking about more than 150 different water canyons and dry, turquoise waters that form badlands and heavenly places in a unique nature.


The flora of the natural park contains endemic species such as Petrocopter guarensis and in the canyons of guara, there are typical species of the tropics such as the ear of the bear and the crown of the king, who survived the quaternary glaciations in these canyons.


The predominant rock in the canyons is limestone, but conglomerates can also be found on some slopes.


In the Sierra de Guara, there is also Rio Vero Cultural Park, which has more than 60 caves with rock paintings of Paleolithic and Lebantine paintings. The most representative are the Trucho caves and Chimiachas rock paintings with their deer, painted with an exquisite finish.


The canyons of the Sierra de Guara are an ideal place for canyoning and climbing. With over 80 downhill runs, the Sierra de Guara is a unique adventure playground and one of the best places in the world to practice this sport.


Alquezar and Rodellar are the two most recognized places for climbing. Rodellar is a world reference point for climbing. It has more than 1000 different routes, where climbing predominates with tufa diving.


The city of Alquezar is cataloged as a historical artistic monument and has been named one of the most beautiful villages in Spain. Its medieval style and the collegiate church of Santa María (El Castillo) will make us imagine the Middle Ages.


From Alquezar, we can start the famous route the rio Vero passarelles rush, which descends at the end of the canyon under the city and takes an aerial path over the waters of the Vero River.


The Salto de Bierge is a heavenly place with turquoise waters, ideal for taking a relaxing bath. Many years ago, it was possible to cross the dam of this place, which is the end of the canyon of La Peonera. Today it is regulated and it is necessary to pay and book to access it.


Finally, we could highlight the great diversity of wildlife of the Sierra de Guara: wild boar, deer, deer, fox and a wide variety of birds.


The Sierra de Guara is the zone of Zepas (special protection for birds). In the sky of Guara, we can easily observe: vultures, gypaet barbú, nocturnal egypcián and many other birds.


Without a doubt, the Sierra de Guara is a land of adventure that will not leave indifferent visitors coming to visit its canyons, among which stand out as the best canyons of Guara:


-Canyon del Formiga

-Canyon of the Peonera

-Canyon del Rio Vero

-Canyon of Oscuros of Balced

-Canyon of Gorgas Negras

-Canyon of Mascun ...


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