The Rio Vero Bridge Route allows you to admire the beauty of this last part of the Vero Canyon.

These spectacular footbridges, which pose no danger, allow a first approach of this natural enclave of Alquézar of great beauty.


This route starts from the Plaza Mayor of Alquézar.

Take the street of the collegiate and then deviate on the first left by a stone ramp.


At this point, a sign indicates the direction of the bridges.

Very quickly in sight, the first footbridges in wood, which go down.

They are entered between the Peña Castibián, on the left, and the Walls of the Collegiate Church, on the right.


Seven footbridges facilitate the descent to the bottom of the Vero Canyon.

This route offers the beauty of the barranco de La Fuente.

The path continues downstream through a spectacular metal walkway on a large rock face.


Basins of a deep turquoise blue invite to swim and relax.

Then, the path separates from the river and begins to meander through ancient olive groves until a new path to return to Alquézar.

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