Barcelona is a world famous place for climbing. With a professional guide of Rumbo Aventura, you will discover the climbing as you have never felt before. During this activity, we will teach you the basic techniques of progression and insurance in climbing.


Of course, we take all the security measures to ensure a unique experience.

We carry out the activity in different places near Barcelona:


Sierra de Guara: Rodellar and Alquézar (Sierra de Guara - Huesca 2 hours from Barcelona)


Barcelona: Montserrat (near Barcelona 1h from Barcelona) is another world famous place.


It is possible to carry out intensive courses of 1 to 5 days in the following specialties:


Rock climbing training course:

Half day duration: 4-6 hours (more or less). But it is also possible to do a whole day of climbing.


Departure: in the morning (around 9:00) or in the afternoon (around 15:00).

-ROCK CLIMBING course in Barcelona (1 or more days)
- Training course in multi pich (big race)


Climbing on demand:


- Multi Pich Climbing in Montserrat (Barcelona) (from IV +)
- Multi Pich Climbing in Mallos de Riglos (from IV +)
- The ridge of Montrebei 500m Urquiza Olmo V +
- The peaks of the Pyrenees

- The ridges of Cristo de la cruz (olvena)
- Climbing in Midi d'ossau with climbing guide
- Training Vias ferratas


Request information without commitment.


All climbing activities are done as part of the training so you can learn in the best possible way.


Our guides are professional climbing guides recognized around the world and who have many years of experience in their program:
Nominated for the Piolet de oro 2018-19 (Nepal), Juanjo Garra Catalunya Award, Spain Rally Climbing Award.