The Little Mascún is a jewel of the Sierra, a descent adapted to all.


This is to go down the last stretch of Mascún to Ajuntadero, where meet the rivers Mascún and Alcanadre, forming beautiful flooded gorges.


This place is so beautiful that it took the name of 'Little Paradís' or Spanish; The little paradise


We will start with Rodellar, where we will surely see more than one mountaineer on the walls near the Mascún River.


A first big chaos of blocks, some jumps, an impressive toboggan and a small cave will leave us under the grotto of the hunters.


Then we will continue the descent into a quieter area until we finally reach Little Paradise. Where can we do several water jumps (optional), before returning to the car.


It is a perfect canyon to spend a good day with family or friends, perfect to start in the world of canyoning.



-Approximation on foot: 15 minutes

-Descent: 2-3 hours

-Back: immediate

* At these times, it is necessary to add the trips by car and the time of the stops to eat.