It is one of the best canyons of Rodellar - Sierra de Guara.


The Balced River has carved a narrow and very deep gorge in this part of the Sierra de Guara. An impressive place where the play of lights and shadows will make us feel small in the middle of nature.


With a slightly longer approach, 1h and 15h, we will reach the impressive canyon, we can enjoy a beautiful view of the Sierra.


It is a not very long canyon, but very fun and spectacular, just enter and after a small slide, we will dive into the water.


We will continue through the chaos of blocks, make another reminder and some jumps to reach the key point of this canyon, a spectacular deep-flooded room, so deep that it does not reach much light inside, c that's why it's called Dark of the Balced. 


Without any difficulty, we will cross this place and we will continue the descent until reaching the Tranco de las Olas, where we will finish the descent and we will stop to eat.


After that, all we have to do is go up to the vehicle.


Grandparents say that Balced is a place reserved for romantics and not athletes. What is their reason, in part ...