CANYON OF FORMIGA- Sierra de Guara

A classic, canyon del Formiga is a descent for all audiences that will not disappoint you, comfortable and fun, with a little bit of everything.


It is located on the slopes of the Sierra de Guara, where the Formiga River and the Yara Ravine converge.


The Formiga Canyon is located near Panzano, in the foothills of the Sierra de Guara and is considered one of the best canyons in the Sierra de Guara.


It is surrounded by large rock faces, inhabited by a large colony of vultures still visible above us.


It is a conglomerate canyon, different and very dynamic in which we will not have time to be bored; As we approach, we must go up the river by a path that crosses the Cave of Polvorosas, a very curious place, which was used to keep the cattle and also served as a refuge for a refugee of the war.


To access the riverbed, we must first overcome a stretch equipped with a rope, then a small reminder that will leave us at the entrance of the river.


Once in the water, we can make slips, rappels and jumps, as well as particularly interesting rocks.


This is one of the most popular descents of the Sierra de Guara.