The Rio Vero is the emblem of Alquezar.


The Rio Vero Canyon, a long and beautiful canyon, where you can enjoy one of the best environments in the Sierra.


It is a calm and peaceful descent in which we will have time to observe from the bottom of the huge canyon, birds of prey, spectacular rocky chaos, giant limestone walls and all embellished with slips, jumps and many steps in the cavities that form the huge blocks. in stone.


It is not very difficult from the technical point of view, but if it requires a certain physical background, because if we do the full descent, we will do almost 7 kilometers of road.


We will overcome 4 great chaos of rocks, which form incredible labyrinths inside, where the guide will always tell us the best way. The first forms a spectacular cave, the dark vero, a spectacular and unique place.


Once past the chaos, we arrived at the medieval bridge of Villacantal, which is located on a beach that forms the Vero River when it is open, then we will pass by the incredible cave of Picamartillo and we will only have go up to Alquezar.


The Vero River is the longest of the Class 2 downhill runs. It requires good physical fitness.


It is so long (6 km) that it is possible to create shorter sections with families, children and people not used to walking in the mountains. This stretch is known as Medio Vero or Vero inferior:


The lower vero is an ideal descent to do with the family or in contact with the canyoning in the Sierra de Guara. Its descent and length, as well as the interest of the activity make it one of the most requested of the summer months.

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