"The one inhabited by the spirits", his fame precedes him ... .. Mascún is the great canyon of the Sierra de Guara.


It is the desire of every barranquista that people around the world boast.

Period: in rainy springs (in summer it is dry)

It is therefore one of the most impressive descents of the Sierra de Guara, but it requires some physical form, as it is a ravine with a long approach.

To get there, we face a two-and-a-half-hour approach, up the first ravine of Masculine de Rodellar, where we can see one of the wildest landscapes of Guara Park, the impressive needle of the 'Cuca Bellostas' and the citadel, watch the long climb of the road of Costera, which leads to the altiplano of the abandoned cities of Huesca.

After the climb, we will arrive at the abandoned town of Otín, a magical place that keeps the secrets of the past. From this point we can continue to "saltadero as lasñas" where begins the descent of Mascún majestically.

Once inside the Barranco, we will reach the famous Peña Guara waterfalls. Air rails, jumps, a large cave and many other surprises await us inside Mascún.

Our team of guides will accompany you safely, always choosing the best route for each of you.

Without a doubt a great adventure of the Sierra de Guara.


This descent requires:


-To have a good physical shape and a certain autonomy during.

-Visto Bueno from the Rumbo Aventura organization, which should (normally) be controlled in another lower level ravine.

-Know how to swim perfectly