The Canyon of Gorgas Negras, we face one of the most impressive canyons of the Sierra de Guara.


Its remoteness from inhabited populations, such as Rodellar, as well as the mountain environment, make this descent one of the wildest of our geography.


An inhospitable and overwhelming place within the reach of only a few privileged, who have a good physical condition and a great desire for adventure.


Gorgas Negras is a test of extreme resistance, to go down this ravine, it is necessary to walk more than 2 hours to reach the beginning of the descent, to cross abandoned villages like Nasarre and to visit the megalithic Dolmen of Losa Mora. Once there, the first part of the ravine is the most laid out and the sportiest, which lasts about 3 hours. After this part, the ravine takes the form of a large canyon and narrow narrow flooded, one after the other .... At the end of the last strait, the river opens in the Pardina de San Cristobal, a peaceful place where the river changes its name and takes the name of Barrasil (same river Alcanadre as Gorgas Negras).


Technically, it's not a very complex ravine. Its main attraction lies in the waterfalls, its magnificent waterfalls, its long flooded pools and especially in the distance in which it develops.


This descent requires:


-To have a good physical shape and a certain autonomy during the activity.


-Visto Bueno on behalf of the Rumbo Aventura organization, which should be checked in another lower level canyon.


-Know how to swim perfectly

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